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One Last Media Push

I have refrained from blogging during the Olympics, in part because I’ve been sharing my views in a series of interviews intended to promote Out of Mao’s Shadow.  This is basically my last media push; I’ll be cutting off the book tour and going to Moscow next week — earlier than scheduled, because of the situation in Georgia.

In print, you can read an interview with me here and a new review in Slate here, and I’ve been on radio across the country, as well as a few television shows.  One of my favorite interviewers, Charlie Rose, had me on his program, and you can watch it here.  For something a little lighter, check out my appearance on this episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, perhaps the funniest and smartest fake news anchor in the world.

Next week, I’m scheduled to be on the Bill Moyers show and answer questions at the Talking Points Memo website and the China Digital Times.

4 Responses to “One Last Media Push”

  1. 1 Wayne

    Chairman Mao was one of the, if not greatest man of the twentieth century. If he truly was a monster, then why is he still so popular among the Chinese people? Without Mao, there would not be the resurgent China of today. He made some mistakes for sure, but most were well-intentioned. But his great contribution was to drive out the imperialists, unite the country and give us the atom bomb. He also defeated the Americans in Korea, his own son was killed.

    And you, a complete running dog nonentity think you have the right to pass judgement on one of history’s greatest ever men?

    You make me want to vomit.

  2. 2 Bryan C

    I recently finished your book, and I very much enjoyed it. I was hoping to share it with my father – do you know when it might be available in Chinese translation in Taiwan? Thank you.

  3. 3 Gary W

    I enjoyed your book very much. I am particularly nterested in learning more about Lin Zhao. I understand that her gravesite is in the vicinity of Suzhou. I will be visiting Suzhou next month and would like to visit the gravesite. Do you know where I can find information as to its location and what arrangements need to be made to be able to visit the gravesite? Thank you.

  4. 4 W.D. Box

    Mr. Pan,

    As an American expat living in China for the past three years, I have come to the realization that I will never truly understand China. To tell the truth, it is likely that I now know less about China than I did when I first got here.

    Very perplexing – this nation and her people.

    Superb book. I read it beginning to end without putting it down.

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